Marc Malone, Opting Out of The Great Reset |537|

01.25.2022 - By Skeptiko – Science at the Tipping Point

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Marc Malone alerts politicians to local Great Reset laws already in place.


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let’s start with a clip from one of my favorite political documentaries.
(clip) An American ingenuity and hard work. Unlike my friend here, cam Brady, who believes that everyone should live in rainbow land? Yeah. There’s I like to say one thing. I’m an American too, and I have no idea what he’s referring to as Brainbow lane. Okay. I’m referring to a 13 page. Written by Camden Brady called rainbow land.
That’s something I wrote in the second grade.
I do not want. And rainbow in and you
Alex Tsakiris: that’s a good one from the movie campaigns, Zach Galifianakis, and will Ferrell. I was kidding about it being a political documentary, but I can. Maybe not. And it’s particularly relevant to today’s interview with the very excellent Mark Malone. And I have to say, this is one of those interviews. That I really, really enjoy. Because it changed my perspective, which is a nice way of saying it showed me where I was wrong.
So mark, as you’ll hear in this interview is all about political activism and political change around this issue of agenda 21. If you’ve ever heard of that or agenda 2030. If you’ve ever heard of that or the great reset if you’ve ever heard of that. Which I have to say to me always sounded a little bit like rainbow land Just whipping people up for something that’s never really going to happen.
[00:01:44] Marc Malone: And what I mean by that is most of the implementation of agenda 21 has been happening, but most people haven’t really noticed it happening. , so when 2030 came out in 2015, they’ve really started moving the train more quickly and started implementing in most major cities across the world, you think? Okay, what does that mean? I mean, most things are pretty much still the same.
Alex Tsakiris: Exactly more you in yada yada new world order. Yada yada. This stuff isn’t really gonna happen. Right.
[00:02:14] Marc Malone: That’s may seem the case on the high level, but when you go to the local cities, when you go to London, when you go to Los Angeles and you go to San Francisco, it’s not the case at all. So in give you an example, I launched this project in Montana. I did the presentation with them and I explained how it is implemented in Missoula. So the county of Montana on the west side,
you have what is called a non-governmental organization like United cities and local governor. They work with two American organizations, branches of the federal government called councils of governments and metropolitan planning organizations. Right? So basically you have this hierarchy that comes all the way from the UN all the way down to this.
These local organizations, councils of governments will say to your city council, your county council, , if you don’t adopt climate regulation, we won’t be able to give you the federal funds. They get those federal funds from the highway commission and some cases, even the department of Homeland security.
Alex Tsakiris: Okay. At this point, I have to tell you I was getting a little bit scared. I try not to let people push my fear button,

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