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193. Momentum VS Perfection: The Biggest Question in Climate Right Now? (Part Two)

03.23.2023 - By Global OptimismPlay

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Welcome back to part two of the mini-series Momentum vs Perfection! This week Tom Rivett-Carnac and Fiona McRaith deepen their exploration of the tensions in the climate movement outlined in episode one, and look to see how we might begin to move past the current impasse to accelerate action in this decisive decade. Journey with Tom, Fiona and their guests as they seek to answer the burning questions that they hope might unlock a trajectory to collaborative, joyful action. Some of these questions include:     Is a rebuilding of trust and understanding among the different actors key?  What part does the ‘moveable middle’ play on the spectrum of momentum and perfection.  How do we ensure inclusivity and engagement of those whose voices are not currently represented in the wider movement?  How do these divisions present in the corporate world where the sense of urgency is well embedded but transition to action is hesitant?  What role can impartial actors and data play in pushing forward the momentum and perfection agendas? Can the capitalist spirit ever be used as a force to accelerate change as long as it is rooted in good intention?   Is connection and personal relationships key to building the sense of common purpose and approach we need now?   Helping Tom and Fiona to answer these questions is an incredible line-up of guest speakers:    Justin Forsyth, Co-Founder Count Us In, a radical collaboration of business, faith, sport, and civil society to inspire a billion people to take climate action. Farhana Yamin, Lawyer/Author/Activist & Keynote Speaker. Farhana is an internationally recognized environmental lawyer, climate change and development policy expert. She works part time at the Doc Society coordinating the Climate Reframe Project which seeks to amplify the voice of climate activists and experts from racialized minorities in the UK environment movement. Peter Bakker, President & CEO WBCSD, the global CEO-led community of the world’s leading sustainable businesses working collectively to accelerate the system transformations needed for a net zero, nature positive, and equitable future. Sister True Dedication, Zen Buddhist monastic teacher in Thich Nhat Hanh's Plum Village Community Prof Helen Pankhurst CBE. CARE International, MMU, UOS. Senior Advisor at international humanitarian agency CARE International, women’s rights activist, and the direct descendant of Emmeline Pankhurst and Sylvia Pankhurst, both leaders in the suffragette movement    NOTES AND RESOURCES    To learn more about our planet’s climate emergency and how you can transform outrage into optimistic action subscribe to the podcast here.   Learn more about the Paris Agreement.   Fiona McRaith, Manager, Engagement & Delivery and Special Assistant to the President & CEO, Bezos Earth Fund LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram   Justin Forsyth LinkedIn | Twitter Count Us In Twitter | Instagram   Farhana Yamin LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram   Peter Bakker LinkedIn | Twitter  WBCSD – World Business Council for Sustainable Development LinkedIn | Twitter    Sister True Dedication Twitter | Instagram Plum Village LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook   Helen Pankhurst, women’s rights activist and Senior Advisor, CARE International  LinkedIn | Twitter   CARE International Twitter | YouTube Learn more about Pankhursts’s great-grandmother Emmeline Pankhurst and grandmother Sylvia Pankhurst, both leaders in the suffragette movement.  It’s official, we’re a TED Audio Collective Podcast - Proof! Check out more podcasts from The TED Audio Collective   Please follow us on social media! Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn   -   Click Here to see the full show notes for this episode

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