#61 National Chinese Language Conference 2021 Report: Hope for all Chinese learners

05.03.2021 - By You Can Learn Chinese

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Recently, Mandarin Companion participated in the 2021 National Chinese Language Conference (NCLC), and the topics discussed provided quite a bit of insight into what is in store for the future of Chinese learning, since methods applied in schools trickles down to affect all learners. Spoiler alert: the future is bright!

Guest interview with Jonathan Becker, a college student who was placed into his Universities intermediate Chinese level after just 4 months of learning all due to, yep, you guessed it, extensive reading. 

Links from the episode:NCLC: Breakout SessionsNCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do StatementsCC-CEDict (free Chinese dictionary) on MDBG.netAllSet Learning Chinese Grammar Wiki

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