Office Hours with Georgia Howe

By The Daily Wire

What's Office Hours with Georgia Howe about?

Welcome to Office Hours with Georgia Howe, The Daily Wire’s companion show to the famous PragerU “5-Minute Videos.” Every week, converted liberal and former teacher Georgia Howe hosts an in-depth discussion with a PragerU expert about their 5-minute video topic. Georgia’s journey from the political Left offers a unique perspective when asking guests about topics like Communist China, socialism, or Antifa. Watch her unravel the lies that are told in America’s classrooms and go beyond the basics with these PragerU experts to hear their powerful stories.

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Diversity of the Woke


Is wokeness a predominantly white phenomenon? Wilfred Rielly is an assistant professor of political science at Kentucky State, and the author of Hate Crime Hoax: How the Left is Selling a Fake Race War and he thinks the answer to ...

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