Product to Product

By Roadmunk

What's Product to Product about?

At Roadmunk, we build a product management platform for product people (beautiful + collaborative roadmapping software); and as part of the product management community, we’ve seen how open product people are to helping their peers. They share their own experiences of working in product, both the good and the bad, in very honest ways. We decided to take the candid conversations that are happening in product communities on Reddit and Slack and Medium – and turn them into an interview podcast. We have really cool interviews coming up with product managers, designers, marketers and the odd engineer, too.

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Your product, your communit...


Good product managers are customer-obsessed. They build products and features that will solve their customers' problems. But Peter Yang from Reddit argues that great product managers focus on how products make customers feel. Dive into this episode with us as ...

Product to Product episodes: