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272: Reappearing Ouija Board, Mandela Effect & Strange Echos Of Daily Life

05.25.2022 - By Paranormal Mysteries Podcast | Unexplained Supernatural StoriesPlay

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In tonight’s episode of Paranormal Mysteries, I’ll be talking about a Ouija Board that reappears after being destroyed, the haunted Edinburgh Manor, the Mandela Effect, and bizarre echos that seem to mimic everyday life. These stories and more, coming up on this edition of Paranormal Mysteries. TELL YOUR STORY Email: [email protected] Voicemail: Website: Forum: SUPPORT THE SHOW Patreon: BuyMeACoffee: PayPal: Merchandise: SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: PODCAST SOURCE: Music & Media Featured On The Paranormal Mysteries Podcast Is Provided By These Artists: © 2022 Paranormal Mysteries Podcast. All Rights Reserved.

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