Rebecca woke to her face being forced into a pillow...

03.15.2020 - By The Ghost Files

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When Rebecca Coomes wrote to tell me about a haunting she experienced during a long weekend away in Bath, Karina's curiosity was piqued. “As soon as I arrived I felt an overwhelming negative energy about the house,” says Rebecca, host of The Healthy Gut podcast, who was my recent guest on The Ghost Files podcast. Strange events began almost as soon as the group got settled into the beautiful old home. Taps turned on and off in an empty bathroom, and an old-fashioned heavy door latch moved up and down as Rebecca and her friend watched, astonished. But that proved merely the prelude to the main event.   After playing board games, everyone went to bed, with Rebecca sharing a twin room with a friend. Then, at 3 am, “I woke up face down in my pillow with such an enormous force pressing into me,” recalls Rebecca. “I managed to turn over a bit to free my face. Just as I did that, an incredible electric blue light zapped up to the ceiling and hovered there for some seconds before blasting down onto me. It honestly felt like I was being electrocuted..."
Rebecca shares her story with Karina now. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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