#85 Sarah McAnulty on Squids

07.06.2018 - By DNA Today: A Genetics Podcast

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Sarah McAnulty is a squid biologist and science communicator. She founded Skype A Scientist, matching classrooms with scientists for QnA sessions. Sarah is also a Ph.D. Candidate and Scientist at the University of Connecticut. She studies squids and their symbiosis with bioluminescent bacteria.

On This Episode We Discuss:
Skype A Scientist
Effect ways to communicate science
Differences between squid species, which ones Sarah works with
Squid research goals
The symbiosis relationship between the squid and bacteria
Squid’s blood, microbiome, and immune system
Sarah’s inspiration to pursue a squid research career
Advice/resources for students interested research

Sarah is very active on Twitter and Instagram providing squid fun facts, videos, pictures and really everything cephalopod related. She also has a Tumblr, Youtube page and website for even more information.

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