Sardonicast #79: Run Hide Fight, Jackie Brown

02.08.2021 - By Sardonicast

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0:00 - Intro

6:40 - Run Hide Fight (Spoilers)

31:06 - Christopher Nolan is no longer with Warner Bros

42:00 - Southland Tales New Cut

49:50 - Jackie Brown (Spoilers)

1:38:56 - Q&A;

1:39:08 Have been films that made you read their book counterparts?

1:42:38 What is the movie that made you recognise film as an art form rather than a way to past the time?

1:48:27 Have you guys ever been to Long John Silver's?

1:49:05 Thoughts on Netflix's Dark.

1:50:08 If you were force to add a category to the Academy Awards to reward an aspect of filmmaking you thought it was underappreciated, what would your new category be?

1:54:32 Thought on the Hannibal movies (Silence of the Lambs, Manhunter, Red Dragon, Hannibal TV show).

Alex's recommendation: Bāhubali: the beginning (2015)

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