Sardonicast #94: The Green Knight, Your Name.

09.08.2021 - By Sardonicast

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0:00 - Intro

2:40 - The Green Knight (Spoilers)

25:39 - 4k Criterions Release

35:46 - Joel and Ethan Cohen Split

43:32 - NBC Not Airing Golden Globes

51:55 - Your Name (Spoilers)

1:15:26 - Q&A;

1:15:38 - What's your favorite streaming service and why?

1:20:16 - Would you watch terrible movies if you couldn't record a review on it later?

1:22:36 - Is what's considered art based on each individuals perspective or is there a universal criteria for what makes a good movie?

1:36:12 - After Alex's Covid and Adam's Tendinitis, what will Ralph's sickness be?

1:37:23 - What's your favorite film starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson?

1:45:10 - Adam recommends Her (2013)

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