Sea Moss Girlies

By Kate Glavan + Emma Roepke

What's Sea Moss Girlies about?

Behind your favorite niche health + wellness meme page... meet Kate Glavan and Emma Roepke. We are two best friends who talk about the gut microbiome, supplements, magnesium, and dessert potatoes.

In Gen-Z fashion, we started a meme page to break through the picture-perfect, aesthetic BS in wellness culture. Join the sea moss girlies today to learn about subjects like omega 3-fatty acids, apple cider vinegar, keto, oatmeal toppings, silly little walks, ashwagandha, and more.

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Episode 145: Health + Welln...


In today's episode, Kate and Emma look at the food system + health/wellness practices in Asia. We talk about TCM, fermented foods, Ayurveda, hot vs. cold foods, vegetarianism, fitness culture, and so much more. Kate Glavan — Emma Roepke ...

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