Sheltering in Place in France, Episode 278

03.31.2020 - By Join Us in France Travel Podcast

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On this episode of the podcast Annie talks to two Americans who reside in France: Patricia Perry who lives in Paris and Michael Groves who lives in Antibes. We discuss their experience with the mandatory home confinement that started in France on March 16, 2020. What is it like sheltering in place in France? Patricia talks about deserted Paris where she can hear the birds because the streets are deserted. She can go for a run, but she has to stay close to home and limit her time outside. She tells us what it's like getting groceries in Paris right now. And what about that silly form everyone in France has to fill out before going outside? Why is it required? And what got into them that they closed the banks of the Seine and all the places that were fun to go to? Sheltering in place isn't all negative In many ways we're very lucky to have a safe and comfortable place to stay as we shelter in place. Many people don't have it near as easy as we do, and getting stuck in a hospital bed sounds terrifying right now. The people of Paris turn lemons into lemonade by going out on their balconies every night at 8 PM to clap and cheer for medical workers and first-line workers. And French people have kept their priorities during this home confinement! You can still go to the boulangerie, tobacco shop and wine store! We might start another revolution otherwise

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