Solo in Paris: Enjoy Paris on Your Own! Episode 273

03.01.2020 - By Join Us in France Travel Podcast

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Going to Paris by yourself? It's one of the best ways to see the City of Light! What are some unforgettable experiences you can have while visiting Paris on your own? My guest on today's podcast has lots of great suggestions for you! Discussed in this Episode Switching hotels in the middle of the trip [03:57] When traveling solo you can let the weather decide what you're going to do for the day [05:05] Learning what sort of traveler you are when visiting on your own [06:05] Do some planning because not all of paris is equally lovely or interesting [07:04] Ask yourself what YOU want to do [10:26] Places des Vosges for people-watching [13:08] Jardin des Rosiers on rue des Rosiers [13:15] Miznon fallafel shop [14:13] Edwart Chocolatier on rue Vieille du Temple [14:46] Merci concept store on Boulevard Beaumarchais [15:38] Best time to go to the Trocadero is early in the morning [16:47] Pont Alexandre III as a great photo spot [18:44] Le Bon Marché in the 7e arrondissement [19:37] Learn what's near you so you don't go all over the place [21:26] Don't miss la Tour de l'Horloge [22:42] It's easy to miss a lot of Montmartre if you don't take a tour [23:44] Don't stay in Montmartre if your children need a stoller or if you have mobility issues [27:28] Saint-Germain-des-Prés is a wonderful central area and easy to navigate [28:03] Place de Furstemberg [28:40] Jardin du Luxembourg a great place to read [30:18] Restaurant Treize in Saint-Germain-des-Prés and its non-smoking terrace [31:25] What would you do differently next time? [33:15] Arrive in Montmartre early especially on a sunny day [35:31] Butte-aux-Cailles and street art (pick your time carefully!) [35:31] Solo travelers get to see more because they don't need to compromise with anyone [39:18] Lauren got to use her French more because she was solo [39:36] CityMapper Paris [41:12] Pay attention to exit numbers in the Paris metro [43:35] TripCoin for keeping track of expenses [44:53] Orange Holiday SIM card [46:19] Email | Annie's VoiceMap Tours | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram | Twitter   #joinusinfrance #soloparis #travel

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