Soon, Everything Will Be Okay

04.08.2021 - By Daily Boost | Daily Coaching and Motivation

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  Life can be full of never-ending challenges. Even when things are good and going your way, success can get on the most positive person's nerves. We're wired that way. The buzz of daily activities has the same impact on your emotions. Too much is too much. Good, bad, or in-between, you will feel the strain, especially when things are not going your way. Many years ago, my daughter found a way to deal with the coming death of her Mother. It was positive, hopeful, grounded, future-paced, and practical. She wrote a poem titled, "Soon, Too Soon." It became then, and still today, an affirmation that still serves. Soon we'll all find our way. Soon we'll know what makes us who we are. Soon we'll wake up to a day we can appreciate. Soon we'll know that tomorrow we'll be better. Soon we'll trust that everything's okay, that the past is gone can't hold us back. Soon we'll smile about today. Soon will come too soon. Don't let it slip away. By Carlyn Smith - Peterson

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