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Stories For Kids

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What's Stories For Kids about?

On 19, September 2020 I started this show with one VO Artist. This show was supported by advertising but 1 month ago ads were stopped on my show because of the children's policy and now I am running this show with my pocket budget with my VO. I am not asking you to support my show but if you are my show listener then only support me through your motivational Mail. It gives me hope for doing very interesting and entertaining stuff for your children.

My email: [email protected] Thank You Kids Candle Family for Your faith and kindness in me and My Show.

Tell Awesome Stories to your little-aged kids. Make your children's night beautiful with full of fun and morals.  Listen to Very Popular Stories and more bedtime stories. Peter Pan Stories Snow White Stories The Little Mermaid Story and more... Bedtime Stories, Children Stories, Children Entertainment. Hey, kids, if you want to read more interesting stories, don't forget to follow us.

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