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What's Story + Rain Talks about?

As a digital fashion, beauty, and lifestyle magazine, Story + Rain uncovers the emerging trends and tastemakers that matter right now, as told to by the visionaries who set these moments in motion. On this podcast, through candid conversations with our community of cultural arbiters, we provide a resource to discover today's most interesting people, projects, and products, as well as a platform to explore the global references and origins that led to these game-changing ideas and careers. By unearthing unexpected juxtapositions, we act as a catalyst for creativity. There's magic in the mix.

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Ep 81. Riawna Capri + Nikki...


Los Angeles based hairstylists Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee met and bonded as assistants, “ripping foils” and doing the dirty work. Years later, the two run one of LA’s most successful salons, and certainly the coolest (they were the originators ...

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