The Aggressive Life with Brian Tome

By Crossroads Church

What's The Aggressive Life with Brian Tome about?

We live in a world where "aggressive" is one of the few dirty words left. Our culture celebrates the crass and profane, while risk and difficulty are a sign that something is wrong. Put simply, this passivity is killing us. Our relationships are weaker, our work is unfulfilling, our finances are a disaster, and our faith is nonexistent. Host Brian Tome believes there is a better way, and it's by embracing the power of healthy aggression. Listen in as he talks with people who are living lives that punch passivity in the mouth.

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Live Music and Risky Yeses ...


For the first time ever, live music comes to the Aggressive Life! Songwriter and worship leader, Justin Mosteller, has been around music his whole life. As founder and frontman for Carrollton, Justin saw years of hard work beginning to pay ...

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