"The Counter is a Sacred Space" with Ted Rooney (Morey) (S1 E5, “Cinnamon's Wake”)

06.07.2021 - By I Am All In with Scott Patterson

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We've lost our beloved Cinnamon. On top of that, Scott Patterson and his inner Luke have lost their minds because all that arm touching was overwhelming. Arm touching, Arm holding, Arm rubbing! Are Lorelai and Max meant to be or should all this arm touching be off limits!
To honor Cinnamon, Ted Rooney (Morey) is here with Scott. While Ted may want to share his love for Babette and Cinnamon, Scott wants Ted to agree that Max Medina is inappropriate. That being said, we're seeing undeniable sparks between not just Lorelai and Max...but also...Dean and Rory.
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