Episode 318: The Horrific Murder of Katy Hawelka Part 2

05.13.2022 - By Morbid

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In part two of the Horrific Murder of Katy Hawelka we pick right back up where we left off with Brian McCarthy, a complete and utter waste of space, sitting at the police department wasting everyone’s time with made up stories about what happened the night Katy was attacked. Luckily by the end of his interrogation Brian was arrested and confessed. The rest of the episode covers the incredible determination Katy’s family had throughout the legal process and a glimpse into exactly why they should not have to suffer through parole hearings for this monster every two years.

If you feel so inclined after listening to the episode, which we hope you do, please sign this petition to deny Brian McCarthy’s parole. SIGN HERE 

The Family's Facebook Page for Updates about Katy's killer's parole 

Author of A Stranger Killed Katy, William D. LaRue's website

Read A Stranger Killed Katy by William D. LaRue 

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