The Intellectual Dark Webbers Behind 'Groomer' Panic Feat. Anthony Fisher

04.27.2022 - By Fever Dreams

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'Groomer' panic is sweeping the nation as right-wing types turn against LGBTQ rights, and the talking points—as with the backlash against Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools—can directly be traced back to a group of anti-wokeness activists on the "intellectual dark web." As The Daily Beast's senior opinion editor Anthony Fisher notes, the 'anti-wokeness' activists have "created this groundswell that is absolutely affecting policy," with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' own press secretary is now parroting the leaders of the movement. Meanwhile, the co-hosts discuss how Elon Musk's successful bid for Twitter is galvanizing the right (and QAnon numerologists), and how two manosphere influencers in Romania have been raided in connection with an human-trafficking and rape investigation. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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