The Life and Times of Louis Pasteur, Episode 319

01.10.2021 - By Join Us in France Travel Podcast

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In this episode Annie and Elyse talk about the long history of vaccines and how Louis Pasteur made tremendous contributions to the field. We also talk about the life and career of a simple man who changed the world with science and careful observation. Show Notes for this episode are here: The Pasteur Institute in Paris is closed right now, both because of Covid-19 and for renovations. Check their website for updates. Book recommendation: Louis Pasteur by Albert Keim. Annie picked this one because it goes over Pasteur's life in some detail. Go to the Join Us in France YouTube channel to see the hedgehog video. #joinusinfrance #louispasteur #frenchhistory FOLLOW US ON: Email | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter   Support the Show Tip Your Guide Extras Patreon Audio Tours Merchandise Category: French History

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