S2 E19: The one with two witches with special guest Dr. Annie Bishop

12.19.2017 - By The On-Call Room: A Grey's Anatomy Podcast

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This episode gets its lowest scalpel rating yet, but the dialogue may be the best ever. On the episode this week we have special guest Dr. Annie Bishop scrubbing in, a chiropractor and forever friend of Abbey and Bri.

This is the episode we have all been dreading, where Meredith and George have sex. So, don’t worry these three ladies refuse to talk about much of the actual episode.

There’s talk of their boyfriends fashion, there are spells cast, and notes attempted to be sung. And even though this isn’t a favorite episode there’s plenty of conversation of characters, new and old.

Callie is introduced finally, Denny shows up again, and chief is trolling the hospital. We still have some Bailey teaching moments, and we see one of the first scenes where Meredith and Karev connect.

It always brings new insight into the series when a new voice speaks to an episode, so we thank you Annie for all you contributed. Even if this episode was dull, we managed to record our longest one yet!

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