The Penumbra Podcast

By Sophie Takagi Kaner and Kevin Vibert

What's The Penumbra Podcast about?

Depending on who you ask, the Penumbra is either the grandest hotel this side of Nowhere or a twice-monthly podcast series. Each episode takes the form of a 30-50 minute radio play.

The Penumbra is all about stories you recognize told in ways you won’t expect. Your femme fatale might be an homme fatale; you might find that not every haunting needs a ghost. Your criminal underworld might advertise on billboards ten miles tall, and when push comes to shove your home might have a bit more heart than you’re comfortable with. It’s never just a heist, a Western, an adventure. It’s the parts we think are still fresh about those genres — along with what we keep locked behind our doors.

And what’s behind those doors, you ask? Well… see for yourself.

The Penumbra is created and produced by Sophie Kaner and Kevin Vibert. Follow us on twitter at @thepenumbrapod.

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