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What's The Ringer-Verse about?

'The Ringer-Verse' is your go-to nexus podcast feed for all things nerd culture and fandom. Hosted by a rotating lineup of The Ringer’s expert superfans—including The Midnight Boys Van Lathan and Charles Holmes and Mallory Rubin and Joanna Robinson from 'The House of R’—episodes provide energetic instant reactions to the latest releases, immersive deep dives on story themes and canon, mind-bending theories, and fresh takes on all of the superhero, sci-fi, and fantasy stories you love, from the MCU to 'Star Wars', DC to 'Game of Thrones', and beyond.

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Microsoft Leaks, ‘Mortal Ko...


Ben and Jess react to this week’s revelations about Microsoft’s Xbox plans and discuss why gaming leaks cause such a sensation (2:30), then compare their philosophies about exploiting glitches to make money in games (10:40). After that, they review the ...

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