The rise of big data and responding to COVID-19 with Roger and DJ

07.08.2021 - By Gradient Dissent

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Roger and DJ share some of the history behind data science as we know it today, and reflect on their experiences working on California's COVID-19 response.


Roger Magoulas is Senior Director of Data Strategy at Astronomer, where he works on data infrastructure, analytics, and community development. Previously, he was VP of Research at O'Reilly and co-chair of O'Reilly's Strata Data and AI Conference.

DJ Patil is a board member and former CTO of Devoted Health, a healthcare company for seniors. He was also Chief Data Scientist under the Obama administration and the Head of Data Science at LinkedIn.

Roger and DJ recently volunteered for the California COVID-19 response, and worked with data to understand case counts, bed capacities and the impact of intervention.

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