Episode 306: The St. Osyth Witch Trials

03.15.2022 - By Morbid

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Alaina brings us the true story of the The St Osyth Witch trials this week. It all starts with a "naughty named" woman, Ursula, potentially causing the lameness of another woman called Grace. Causing the lameness of another was grounds for being charged with the very serious felony of Witchcraft, and really it all went downhill from there. In the end fourteen were accused, two were hanged and many more died in prison. 

The book and pamphlet used as a source for the case: 

England's Witchcraft Trials by Willow Winsham 

A true and iust recorde, of the information, examination and confession of all the witches, taken at S. Ofes in the countie of Essex whereof some were executed, and other some entreated according to the determination of lawe. Wherein all men may see what a pestilent people witches are, and how vnworthy to lyue in a Christian Commonwealth. Written orderly, as the cases were tryed by euidence, by W. W 

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