The Sweetness of a Bitter Lesson and Bringing ML and Healthcare Closer

03.28.2019 - By Talking Machines

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In episode six of season five we talk about Richard Sutton's A Bitter Lesson. Chat about IEEE's new Ethical Guidelines and talk with Andrew Beam Senior Fellownn at Flagship Pioneering, Head of Machine Learning for Flagship VL57 and Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Here are some of the papers we got to chat about! Also, VL57 is hiring!

Adversarial attacks on Medical ML Science paper

Finlayson, S.G., Bowers, J.D., Ito, J., Zittrain, J.L., Beam, A.L. and Kohane, I.S., 2019. Adversarial attacks on medical machine learning. Science, 363(6433), pp.1287-1289.



JAMA Papers

Beam, A.L. and Kohane, I.S., 2016. Translating artificial intelligence into clinical care. Jama, 316(22), pp.2368-2369.



Beam, A.L. and Kohane, I.S., 2018. Big data and machine learning in health care. Jama, 319(13), pp.1317-1318.



Opportunities in machine learning for healthcare:

Ghassemi, M., Naumann, T., Schulam, P., Beam, A.L. and Ranganath, R., 2018. Opportunities in machine learning for healthcare. arXiv preprint arXiv:1806.00388.


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