Ep. 62 – The Tantra of Emotions

04.06.2021 - By Dale Borglum with Healing At The Edge

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Redefining emotions as healing messages, Ram Dev shares the tantra of emotions, illustrating how spacious mindfulness towards our feelings opens gateways to wholeness.

Sharing insights into working with our wide variety and volume of our emotional states, Ram Dev explores, through a tantric lens, how we can begin to open up to our inner feelings, rather than shying away from them and projecting outwardly. Defining our emotions and laying a tiered pathway for working with them, Ram Dev imbibes wisdom of the Divine Mother, inviting us to 'devour, or be devoured,' by this world of dancing form, beckoning us inward past our nuanced gateways of fear, and into the blissful joy of wholeness beyond seperation.

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