This Nutritional Toxin Will Surprise You with Marc David- Psychology of Eating Podcast

07.23.2019 - By Psychology of Eating

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It’s hard to avoid the seemingly endless amount of toxins that we’re exposed to via the air, water, our food, cosmetics, in the workplace, household items, and so much more. For sure, it’s a great strategy to try to clean up the toxins in your world as best you can. What many people tend to miss when it comes to detoxification are the toxins we self generate – meaning emotional toxins that can pollute our mind and ultimately drain the body. In this podcast episode, Marc David, founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, reveals a potent mental/emotional toxin that’s well worth letting go of. Learn how to empower yourself and your metabolism with some clear advice when it comes to food, body, and life.

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