S3 E4: Trans-atlantic Phone Calls with guest Ros(alind) scrubbing in!

04.04.2018 - By The On-Call Room: A Grey's Anatomy Podcast

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What is your favorite Pop-tart flavor? Do you like toaster strudels? Do you like planter pots showing up on your porch with rocks in them? Does any of this make sense? Probably not, so listen to this weeks episode of the On Call Room to understand what the hell any of this means.

Other featured conversations include: PREGNANCY. Surprise surprise, Abbey and Bri have little to no insight on this topic. However, their very special guest has experienced it and has some great stories to tell. Not only does she have stories of labor and birth, but so many more! AND she wins most dedicated host, because she is phoning in on the telly all the way from bloody England! It is the middle of the night over there, but that doesn't stop Rosalind from knocking back a G & T and gabbing about Grey's.

It is a classic Grey's opening scene. There is talk of an "adulterous love child", Meredith is puking, Mark Sloan is on staff now and a patient lights himself on fire by lighting a cigarette in a freaking hospital (idiot). Meredith is not pregnant, rather her appendix is about to burst; which leads to Meredith on pain meds, funniest version of Meredith ever.

Finn is always creeping around a corner waiting for Meredith. Derek takes himself out of the running and tells Mer to choose Finn, except Meredith doesn't (of course). She does manage to embarrass herself in front of everyone though from being high off of pain meds. Once again, best version of Meredith ever.

There is pregnant lady who wants to stick to her birth plan, cigarette man who no longer has a face (idiot), and Burke's tremor. Burke deserves an award for this performance, because his tremor is all over that screen, but don't worry "nobody needs to know". George bails on Callie at the last moment, which is no surprise and Izzie is a millionaire now which is actually, pretty surprising.

You know what is not surprising? The girls scalpel ratings on this episode, or Donna leaving rocks on Bri's porch. To find out about those two things and everything in between hit play and have a listen!

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