Two Texts

Two Texts

By John Andrews and David Harvey

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What's Two Texts about?

A Podcast about the Bible  Every two weeks, from two different countries, the two hosts of the Two Texts podcast pick two biblical texts to talk about. Dr John Andrews and Dr David Harvey share a mutual fascination with the Bible. Simple yet complex; ancient yet relevant; challenging yet comforting. But one thing that fascinates them consistently is that, like a kaleidoscope, no matter how many times they look at it there is something new, fresh and exciting to talk about. This podcast is designed for you regardless of how much or how little you've read the Bible. Grab a hot beverage, a notepad (or app), and a Bible, sit back, listen, enjoy, and learn to also become fascinated (or grow your fascination) with this exciting, compelling and mysterious book.  John and David are two friends who love teaching the Bible and have both been privileged enough to be able to spend their careers doing this - in colleges, universities, churches, homes and coffee shops. The two of them have spent extended periods of time as teaching staff and leadership in seminary and church contexts. John has regularly taught at David's church, and there was even a point where John was David's boss!  Nowadays David is a Priest and Pastor in Calgary, Canada, and John teaches and consults for churches in the UK and around the world. They're both married with children (John 3, David 1) and in John's case even grandchildren. In their down time you'll find them cooking, reading, running or watching football (but the one thing they don't agree on is which team to support).  If you want to get in touch with either of them about something in the podcast you can reach out on [email protected] or by liking and following the Two Texts podcast on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you enjoy the podcast, we’d love it if you left a review or comment where you’re listening from – and if you really enjoyed it, why not share it with a friend? 

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