#077 - Weaving Fate with Aidan Wachter | Glitch Bottle

10.30.2020 - By Glitch Bottle Podcast

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Sometimes we get so obsessed with the “fruits” of magic (i.e. material results) that we avoid working on the vital “roots” of our very consciousness. What are the esoteric tools and practices that can help us destroy time, heal the past, consecrate our present and live the future we want? Aidan Wachter (author, talismanic jeweler and dirt sorcerer) shares about all of these topics in his new book “Weaving Fate”, he answers your Glitch Bottle Patron questions and more!►Get your copy of “Weaving Fate” - http://www.aidanwachter.com/weaving-fate►Check out Aidan’s Podcast http://www.aidanwachter.com/six-ways-podcast

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