Why Do I Stay?

05.16.2019 - By FamilyLife Today®

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Is there more to your unwanted sexual behavior than just being tempted? Mental health counselor Jay Stringer, author of the book, "Unwanted," delves into the topic of sexual brokenness and shares what he considers to be at the root of the issue. While a person's problem may seem to be all about lust, Stringer believes it may actually be about anger or rejection. Indulging in our sin only makes us feel worse. Stringer assures those who are hurting that God has so much more in store for us, as long as we are courageous enough to look at our past and develop new ways to handle our anxiety.
Show Notes and Resources
Journey into the Heart of Man Journey with Jay Stringer, a guided journey for men and women out of unwanted sexual behavior. https://www.heartofmanjourney.com/
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