Your Aunties Could Never

Your Aunties Could Never

By The British Blacklist

Society & Culture

What's Your Aunties Could Never about?

Your Aunties Could Never bring you entertaining no-nonsense straight talk from women who aren't afraid to say all the things you wish you could say.

Aunty AK, Aunty Farrah, Aunty Nana, and Aunty Sade are four friends from the UK who have lived life and are well respected in business endeavors and amongst friends and family. Elevating them to Elite Auntie status.

The Aunties have a voice and are not fearful of being heard. Join them as they discuss topical news and politics, comment on popular culture, and give advice all from an informed (mature) Black woman's perspective.

Think a daytime chat show but with seasoning, real talk & large amounts of Melanin Magic.

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