A Family on a Mission

09.05.2019 - By FamilyLife Today®

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What does it mean to live on mission? Shelly Wildman believes that if parents want kids who are on fire for the Lord, they must have a committed relationship with Christ themselves. Parents must show their kids that they are there to walk through their faith struggles and be available to talk through those harder, deeper issues in our culture. Also joining in the discussion is Dave and Ann Wilson's son, Cody.
Show Notes and Resources
Kevin DeYoung on family devotion fails. (1 min. video) https://www.familylife.com/podcasts/familylife-today/art-of-parenting-video-clip-kevin-deyoung-on-family-devotions/
Download the Family Values Exercise, a tool to help you prepare today for the decisions and transitions that will affect the next stage of your family’s life. https://www.familylife.com/values-exercise/
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