An Account of Egypt, by Herodotus, Part 1

08.24.2020 - By Boring Books for Bedtime

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Take a relaxing journey with Greek historian Herodotus as he reveals the wonders of Egypt. Clothing, crocodiles, calculations—all the sleep-inducing details of the ancient world are here. Keep this podcast ad-free and relaxed! Everyone contributing on Patreon or Buy Me A Coffee in August will be entered in this month's drawing for a free 3-month subscription (and 3 free audiobooks of your choice) at! Patreon: Buy Me a Coffee: Read "An Account of Egypt" at Project Gutenberg: Music: “Cosmic Tingles” by Lee Rosevere, licensed under CC BY-NC If you'd like to suggest a copyright-free reading for soft-spoken relaxation to help you overcome insomnia, anxiety and other sleep issues, connect on our website,

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