08 Anal 401 (Usama Siddiquee + Pranav Behari)

05.18.2020 - By How Cum

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Remy is joined by her friends and fellow NYC comedians, the ridiculously funny hosts of Mango Bae; Pranav Behari and Usama Siddiquee. Prepare to guffaw on this wild LOLercoaster full of truly one-of-a-kind wet dream stories from BOTH of our guests, a WAY too in depth look at Tik Tok, and a rousing (arousing?) game of "Should You Put This In Your Ass?" Pranav and Usama compete for the title 'How Cum's Sexiest Man' as they talk feminism, treating people properly in bed, and why the best men value successful funny women, instead of being intimidated by them. Finally our guests talk about growing up in Hindu and Muslim households with immigrant parents and how those experiences impacted their sex lives. Also, we get a deeper look into the Kama Sutra; spoiler alert- it's NOT ONLY sex positions! Enjoy.   Follow Usama on Instagram @UsamaStandsUp Pranav @pranahaha and their podcast @YourMangoBae Follow us at @howcumpodcast and Remy @RemyKassimir. This episode has hilarious extras with VIDEO. Sign up for access to everything for only $5 at patreon.com/howcum Check out our website for live shows & merch! Mentioned in the episode: Buzzfeed Quiz: Should You Stick This Up Your Butt? Richard Gere and The Hamster/Gerbil Urban Legend Thank you to our partners on this week's episode! Go to hellotushy.com/howcum get 10% off your order Helix is offering up to $200 off all mattress orders  at HelixSleep.com/howcum.  

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