Best Podcast in Baseball 8.17: 'The one, as Flag Day approaches, with Mike Claiborne'

06.10.2020 - By Best Podcast in Baseball

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The arrival of Flag Day every June 14 at Busch Stadium means one thing -- it is now Mike Claiborne-approved to begin talking about and looking at the standings. This year, those standings are empty, indefinitely ppd. Tandem crises have engulfed the United States and baseball could play a part in reopening a country and bringing it together, if owners and players can wade through their public squabbles to an agreement on the 2020 season. Claiborne, a Cardinals broadcaster and host of, joins St. Louis Post-Dispatch baseball writer Derrick Goold to talk about the importance of Flag Day to the standings -- and what could be most important about this Flag Day. It's a chance for baseball to stop playing games and stand for something. The Best Podcast in Baseball, sponsored by Closets by Design, is a production of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch,, and Derrick Goold.

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