Combat Story (Ep. 80): Green Beret | Sergeant Major | Australian SASR Exchange | Talent War Group | Josh Johnson

06.25.2022 - By Combat Story

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Today we hear the Combat Story of a long-time Green Beret, combat veteran, and retired Sergeant Major Josh Johnson. Josh spent multiple years downrange in Iraq and Afghanistan, many with 1st Special Forces Group, in combat where he led from the front but also spent years teaching other Green Berets and partner forces. [Support us on Patreon and get exclusive content and insights at] Josh was selected as an Exchange Officer to the Australian Special Air Services Regiment where he trained and fought alongside our very close Australian brethren. In his last two years of service, Josh focused specifically on leadership development and training. Since leaving the service, Josh has continued training and developing leaders, this time with Mike Sarraille’s Talent War Group where Josh is a Partner and Senior VP of Leadership Development. I hope you enjoy this interesting and wide-ranging Combat Story as much as I did. Find Josh Online: -LinkedIN Find Ryan Online: - Ryan’s Linktree - Merch - Instagram @combatstory - Facebook @combatstoryofficial - Send us messages at - Email [email protected] - Learn more about Ryan - Intro Song: Sport Rock from Audio Jungle Show Notes: 0:00 - Intro 0:41 - Guest Introduction (Josh Johnson) 1:36 - Interview begins 3:29 - His time fighting alongside the Aussies 8:11 - Growing up in small town in Utah and having a dad in military 18:41 - How he found himself on the SF track after National Guard and being an MP 30:24 - Funny story about robbing a Bosnian bathroom 32:32 - Selection experience in 1999 and where he was when 9/11 happened 34:56 - Combat Story #1 - Operation Enduring Freedom – Philippines and his first time getting shot at 46:33 - Combat Story #2 -A multi-hour gun fight and getting hit with RPGs in Afghanistan 58:34 - Combat Story #3 - Stories of men getting shot next to him 1:09:35 - Experience as an ODA working with ranger battalion 1:19:18 - Transition to Talent War Group 1:25:42 - Benefits of vets in corporate America and unique challenges they face 1:31:24 - What did you carry into combat? 1:35:20 - Would you do it again? 1:39:20 - Listener comments and shout outs To learn more about a Green Beret In Combat, learn more at: The video is all about a Green Beret In Combat but also covers the following subjects: - Green Berets Overcoming obstacles - Special Operations - Special Operations combat - Exchange programs with the Australian SASR and UK SAS - Multi-hour gun fights Something I noticed when I was looking for information on Green Berets In Combat was the lack of details. _________________________ Follow our video clips about Green Beret In Combat and various other similar topics on: Facebook: Instagram: _________________________ If you were searching for more information about living in Green Beret In Combat did this video help? Possibly you want to comment below and let me understand what else I can assist you with or Green Beret In Combat.

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