Combat Story (Ep. 79): SAS Operator (Australian & New Zealand) | Tier 1 | Entrepreneur | Podcast Host | Joe Hotai

06.18.2022 - By Combat Story

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Today we hear our first Combat Story from a member of our close partners in New Zealand: Joe Hotai. Joe successfully completed not only the New Zealand SAS Selection and Training Course, but then (likely because he enjoys pain) also went on to complete the Australian SAS Selection and Training course. Joe then served in combat with the Australian SAS in direct action operations. [Support us on Patreon and get exclusive content and insights at] Since leaving the service, Joe overcame a childhood fear of putting himself out there and has created two podcasts (the Epich Podcast which explores people making a positive change in the world - and which he has graciously invited me to be on - and the Move Sweat Suffer Podcast which promotes a more healthy way of life). Joe has also co-founded the Mill Gym in Australia and is the founder of Zero Alpha, which puts on ultra endurance events combining some of the experiences from his time in Special Operations, and is also a consultant. His YouTube channel is full of pragmatic workouts that remind me of Pat Mac! Joe has an incredibly humble persona with a great sense of humor. In fact, he’s described himself as ‘imperfect, annoying, and striving to improve as a husband, father, and human being on a daily basis.” I hope you enjoy this interview of highs and lows and overcoming difficult situations from someone at the forefront of the Special Operations community, as much as I did. Find Joe Online: - Instagram @joehotai - Podcast Epich Aotearoa - YouTube - Move, Sweat, Suffer YouTube - Zero Alpha - Burpee Wear - LinkedIn article: Find Ryan Online: - Ryan’s Linktree - Merch - Instagram @combatstory - Facebook @combatstoryofficial - Send us messages at - Email [email protected] - Learn more about Ryan - Intro Song: Sport Rock from Audio Jungle Show Notes: 0:00 - Intro 1:07 - Guest Introduction (Joe Hotai) 2:31 - Interview begins 2:55 - Growing up in New Zealand and family dynamics 19:30 - The impact of not having a dad as a child 26:00 - Desire to join the military and special forces specifically 31:15 - Lacking confidence to speak up and a moment in basic training when he found his confidence 39:15 - If not the military what would you be doing? 47:29 -Experience with both New Zealand and Australian SAS selection and qual course 1:08:56 - The type of operations that come down the Australian SAS vs. New Zealand SAS 1:21:36 - How having a Maori (indigenous Polynesian people of mainland New Zealand) background came up during his time in the military 1:24 - Crazy story of Blackhawk crashing while he and his team were in it 1:26:38 - The emotions and mindset on his first deployment to Iraq at 25 1:35:19 - Combat Story - Having to troubleshoot and fix a Mk-19 while actively being shot at 2:04:05 - What he is doing today with his 2 podcasts 2:14: 28 - What did you carry into combat? 2:15:23 - Would you do it again? 2:20:37 - Listener comments and shout outs

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