Daily Boost

By scott smith

What's Daily Boost about?

The Daily Boost cuts through the confusion of day-to-day living with a common-sense approach to getting what you want in life. Every day since 2006, Scott Smith has helped tens of thousands of people get focused on what they want and give them the tools they need to get it. He covers everything from getting clear about what you want, helps you break through obstacles, figure out time management, find focus, stop procrastination, and be happier.
Now, before you commit to listening to the Daily Boost and singing our praises when you reach your mountain top, there’s something you need need to know about the Daily Boost -
The Daily Boost is NOT your average motivational and coaching podcast.
Scott Smith brings a unique, straight-talking, personable, and very humorous style that is in your face, incredibly practical, but still, might not be for you. He’s not dirty, rude, or political, and his positive approach to slaying the evil dragons of life makes listening fun, engaging, and valuable. Yes, his content is most likely what you need to hear, but HE might not be WHO you need to hear. Still, with over 50 million downloads, the Daily Boost is for many successful people, and you may be one of them.
What the heck.
Why not download a few hundred episodes and give it a try?
You might surprise yourself!
Hang on for the ride!

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