Daily Meditation Podcast

By Mary Meckley

What's Daily Meditation Podcast about?

A Library of Meditations at Your Finger Tips: Join meditation coach, Mary Meckley, for daily meditation inspiration as she answers your questions and guides you on the journey of establishing a daily meditation ritual. Each week you're introduced to a brand new meditation theme to keep your meditations dynamic. Mary provides guidance as you sit down to meditate with her each day. She shows you how to make meditation a natural part of your day... not something that interrupts your day. Weekly themes include meditating to Manage Stress (Episodes 323-329), Manage Anger (Episodes 106-112), Overcome Self Doubt (Episodes 225-231), Move Past Fear (Episodes 344-350), Manage Addiction (Episodes 386-392), Reduce Anxiety (Episodes 176-182), Manage Depression (Episodes 443-449) and Improve Confidence and Self Esteem (Episodes 190-196).

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Positive Thoughts, Day 4 Ul...


"Doing the self-care this week helps me to become a better mom. I shared with my children my self-care goals this week and they've been cheering me on." ~ Fellow meditator, Veronique from Toronto, Canada Welcome to a week of ...

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