#53 Data Science, Gambling and Bookmaking

02.18.2019 - By DataFramed

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This week, Hugo speaks with Marco Blume, Trading Director at Pinnacle Sports. Marco and Hugo will talk about the role of data science in large-scale bets and bookmaking, how Marco is training an army of data scientists and much more. At Pinnacle, Marco uses tight risk-management built on cutting-edge models to provide bets not only on sports but on questions such as who will be the next pope? Who will be the world hot dog eating champion, who will land on mars first and who will be on the iron throne at the end of game of thrones. They’ll discuss the relations between risk management and uncertainty, how great forecasters are necessarily good at updating their predictions in the light of new data and evidence, how you can model this using Bayesian inference and the future of biometric sensing in sports betting. And, as always, much, much more.LINKS FROM THE SHOW


DataFramed Guest Suggestions (who do you want to hear on DataFramed?)


Pinnacle WebsiteTraining an army of new data scientists (Presentation by Marco Blume)


Data Science Best Practices (with Ben Skrainka ~16:40)

Python Debugging With Pdb (By Nathan Jennings)pdb Tutorial (Github)The Visual Python Debugger for Jupyter Notebooks You’ve Always Wanted (By David Taieb)Debugging with RStudio (By Jonathan McPherson)Basics of Debugging

Statistical Distributions and their Stories (with Justin Bois at ~36:00)

Justin's Website at CaltechProbability distributions and their stories (By Justin Bois)

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