0026 - Eddie Gallagher (Live)

07.19.2021 - By Mike Force

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This special edition of the Mike Force Podcast was recorded in from of a live audience and features a Q&A; session with the listeners, Mike, and special guest former Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher. 
Chief Gallagher shares his incredible story of survival after being unjustly accused of war crimes and being imprisoned for eight months before trial. Chief Gallagher narrowly escaped an extreme injustice at the hands of the US government, and now he and his family are fighting to protect other service members and first responders from the same kind of wrongful accusations and treatment that Chief Gallagher and his family suffered. You can find out more, donate, or apply for assistance through the Pipe Hitter Foundation at https://www.pipehitterfoundation.org

Follow Eddie on Instagram @ eddie_gallagher and find him on the web at: 

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