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Irvin Baxter is the founder and president of Endtime Ministries in Plano, TX and has been studying Bible prophecy for almost 50 years. End of the Age airs Monday – Friday at 3:00PM CT on radio stations throughout the US and webcasted live at www.endtime.com. Irvin is a sought-after conference speaker and provides explanations on world events from a biblical perspective. Irvin’s lessons include United States Discovered in the Bible, New World Order is World Government, Islam in Bible Prophecy, World War 3, The Holy Roman Empire Reborn, 666 Mark of the Beast, The Coming One-World Religion, The 7 Trumpets, The Second Coming, Kingdom of God, This Generation Shall Not Pass, When Will the Rapture Happen?, and more.

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The fulfillment of 2,000 to 2,500-hundred-year-old prophecies of an end time world government, world religion, peace agreement and global numbering system are being discussed in our news headlines every day. Do you know what to watch for? We will discuss ...

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