EP151: Got Mylk? The Real Deal with Milk and Milk Alternatives with Brooke Rewa

01.25.2021 - By Miraculous Mamas

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How important is it to give your kids milk?  What's the deal with all of these milk alternatives?  They may not be all that they are chalked up to be.  Brooke Rewa, Founder and CEO of Good Milk, Inc, is on this episode educating us all about milk.  Through a health journey of her own, Brooke found that many of the binders, thickeners, emulsifiers and preservatives in otherwise “healthy” food were unnecessary and unhealthy.  She decided to create a product of her own.  Good Mylk, Inc. is the purest plant based milk on the market. Check out Good Mylk, Inc.: Connect with Liz on her website Miraculous Mamas Instagram Sponsors Upstart Loans Hydrant Drinks Honey March Of Dimes   Other podcasts on WAVE!    

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