Faith, Family & Freedom with Curtis Bowers

By Curtis Bowers

What's Faith, Family & Freedom with Curtis Bowers about?

Welcome to Faith, Family, and Freedom with Curtis Bowers! On this podcast, we'll uncover the agenda of those that seek to destroy our country from within, and what we can do to fight back and make a difference. We'll also discuss how to purposefully protect our children and grandchildren from the Marxist agenda and prepare them for real success in life. To preserve this great land, we must be wise, both in strategy and action. Change begins with understanding our enemy and ourselves, in our fight for true liberty. Support this podcast:

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Remembering Our Incredible ...


Curtis highlights our stalwart forefathers and the monumental examples they left of standing with courage, sacrificing for the coming generations, and dying for the truth. As American culture collapses, it is critical to reflect on those who have come before ...

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