Episode 203 - Greg Putnam

10.18.2021 - By Cleared Hot

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Greg Putnam spent nine years of active duty as a US Navy SEAL stationed out of Hawaii before making the decision to return to the Rocky Mountains with his family. After his time in the service, he dabbled in the private sector as the business manager of Ascent Vision before changing course and setting in motion something he’d been toying with for years - owning and operating a cattle ranch in Montana. In 2020, amidst the global pandemic, Putnam partnered with a fellow veteran and friend, Tim Sheehy, to make this vision a reality. Connecting three different properties nestled at the foot of the Little Belt Mountains in central Montana, they founded Little Belt Cattle Company together. With the help and mentorship of some seasoned Montana cattle ranchers, they made it through the winter and just finished their first calving season. Veteran-owned and run by the two families, LBCC sits on about 9,000 acres. The two families are set on making the operation as sustainable as possible, implementing regenerative agriculture practices whenever possible, including soil and grass restoration, a 12-month grazing plan that prioritizes the health of the pastures, and a calving schedule that aligns closely with nature. Working dogs and horses are used to move the cattle as often as possible in place of 4-wheelers, reducing the overall amount of stress on the cattle, which leads to higher quality meat. https://mtntough.com/clearedhot https://wildalaskancompany.com/clearedhot https://grammarly.com/clearedhot  

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