HH#448: Moving forward when your dreams die with Scott Erickson

12.03.2021 - By The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

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“Maybe the Giver of existence is the one who led you to this place. Maybe the dream needed to die because there is a deeper desire in you.”

Profound and brave words from the talented Scott Erickson, also known as @scottthepainter. I love this interview because it speaks to something so many of us have felt at some point in our lives: Realizing that the life you have is not the life you imagined for yourself. He shares about the reality of dreams dying in us. And even if it is ultimately for our own good, it’s still painful and something worth grieving. He also shares about the problem of seeing Jesus as a product to fix our pain and sadness because when the product doesn’t work in the way that we expected, we throw it away. This conversation is raw and real and something that I’m confident you will find encouragement in.

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