How NFTs Are Revolutionizing How Creators Make Money - Ep.220

03.16.2021 - By Unchained

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Jamie Burke, CEO of Outlier Ventures, and Mason Nystrom, a research analyst at Messari, discuss the NFT craze that has enveloped the crypto world over the past few weeks. In this episode, they talk about: their backgrounds, and how they became involved in crypto (1:19) the major catalysts -- specifically Beeple and NBA Top Shot -- that have brought NFTs into the mainstream (5:29) why NFTs are a “megatrend” and not just another ICO-like bubble (13:35) how to explain non-fungible tokens to normies (18:06) what someone is actually purchasing when they buy an NFT (24:46) the reasons behind NBA Top Shot's success and why it is so difficult to withdraw money from its platform (36:27) the best way to scale NFTs and why Ethereum, despite severe storage limitations, will most likely remain the most popular blockchain on which to mint NFTs (41:44) why the gaming, fashion, and music industries will be disrupted by NFTs (49:37) when the current subscription-based business model for content creators will transition to the ownership economy (55:10) the differences between the marketplaces and platforms that make up the NFT economy (57:06) whether NFT valuations will go to zero and the challenges of appraising digital art (1:03:39) their predictions for the market capitalization of NFTs by the end of 2021 (1:15:23)   Thank you to our sponsors!  Download the app and get $25 with the code “Laura”:    Square:    Episode Links:    Jamie Burke Twitter:  Outlier Ventures:  Content: the open metaverse:  100xARt:  podcast:    Mason Nystrom Twitter:  Messari:  Content: NFTs as an investment strategy:  evolution of content:  psychology of crypto art collecting:  the current state of NFTs:    NFT Sales Mentioned Beeple:  Previous Unconfirmed interview with Beeple: Taco Bell:  3LAU:  Jack Dorsey Tweet:  Kings of Leon album:  NBA Top Shot:    NFT Guides New York Times:  DappRadar:  Andrew Steinwold:  Decrypt: CoinDesk:    Miscellaneous Links:  Chris Dixon blog:  NFT market cap:  Outlier Ventures decentralized accelerator program:  Top NFT marketplaces (DappRadar):  Jesse Walden’s “Ownership Economy”:  Flow blockchain:

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